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DIY Phone Case (Under $3)


Step 1. Purchase a clear case to fit your phone model. They are available for $2 all over Can’t beat that. One case will work for multiple designs though, so you only need one.


Step 2. Find an image you like and print. Here, you can use trial and error to print the size you like or to save ink I opened the image I wanted in adobe reader as a pdf. There you can see the image in the exact size on screen as it will print on paper. I held my clear case to the screen until the size was what I wanted.


Step 3: Lay case over the image, as you want it to look on the phone and trace around it. Cut the image out by cutting ever so slightly INSIDE the trace line.

Step 4: Carefully put image into case. You may have to cut away very small edges at a time to adjust to case. You do want some of the paper to fold over the phone edge though so precision isn’t a big deal. Once on, use a box cutter or x-acto knife to cut out the camera slot. (Do this with the paper side up. It is much easier that way)

Step 5: Put it on your phone! Voila! You can change it as often as you want. Use photos of family, let your kids draw on pre-cut phone templates, use a pic from a magazine, anything paper!


(((I made two thus the difference in finished product and tutorial pics. I decided I wanted more Belle and more colors after I finished the first one.)))

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Bathroom Redo for Under $15

This is a project I did a few weeks back but just haven’ t gotten around to posting.

This is not so much a tutorial as it is “What I did to spruce up our small guest bathroom.”

Our guest bathroom was pretty just, blah. Our entire house is painted a very boring shade of tan. Fortunately the landlord left a bucket of the paint here with us. Therefore, I have a little bit of play that I can cover later. Even if you can’t paint your walls this same things can be done using poster board or white contact paper.

First things first, pick up some bright acrylic paints!


Very simple shapes can create a very dramatic look. If you are not confident in you free hand, make a stencil using poster board or card board. Stencil out a circle, then any petal shape you decide to use.  Paint whatever colors you choose and voila! That simple.

Next, embrace the dollar store crafts. I would like to credit someone for this next part, but truth is, there are so many tutorials for these it is ridiculous. Even easier to make than to find.


I got 8 packs of tissue paper in various colors for $1 a piece. Paid another $1 for a pack of pipe cleaners. Still had enough paper for 2 other flowers but didn’t have enough room to hang them.

Tutorial can be found at the following link: Tissue Paper Pompom

This same tutorial can be used to make tissue paper balls also. Just attach 2 of these flowers back to back to create a pompom ball effect and hang from ceiling.

If you are hanging these in a bathroom, like I did, consider humidity. The best way to avoid drooping is spray starch. I sprayed mine after they were hung, I WOULD NOT suggest it. I had to constantly fluff them as they dried. 

Instead spray your tissue paper with starch BEFORE starting and allow to dry completely as starch will make it damp at first.

Hang them on the wall using small nails or double stick heavy duty tape. I had a little extra space so I painted “Hello Beautiful” on the wall, as the mirror is directly left of it all.

Finding a bright colored shower curtain should be a breeze. I got mine from Dollar General and they literally had a crap load of bright colors to choose from.

So that’s how I spruced up my guest bath for under $15. I apologize in the poor photo quality. My husband says he is buying me a camera. We will see.

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Make Your Own One of a Kind Shoes!

I spend the majority of my free time doing this right here. Custom shoes. They make the best gifts when you don’t know what else to buy. Who doesn’t want a one of a kind completely customized pair of shoes?!

(UPDATE) I do sell these. For more information visit my facebook page

No tutorial, just a few of the shoes I’ve done over the last year. Very therapeutic but be warned, they are VERY VERY VERY time consuming! Partly the reason I don’t even have my own pair. Crazy huh?

So I present to you, Shoes by MoonBlossom!

28767_476062322435261_1785326948_n 148281_482633261778167_780089066_n

Monster High

225082_438761626165331_1080957118_n (1) 399710_441060395935454_256677271_n

School Mascots (Patriots and Gators)


Lala Loopsy (For my niece)


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!!! “Oh Toodles”


For my brother, the Game of Thrones fan.


…and for his wife, the fan


Miami Heat!


These were pretty interesting. This girl wanted to dance the night away at her winter formal without the uncomfortable heels. The shoes matched her amazing bright dress perfectly. She was able to be fashionable and comfortable all at once!


These were from when I was just playing with the idea of redesigning cheap shoes. My mom found a similar pair online so we decided to give it a go.


Now these are my most used and favorite pair. I would like to add I glittered these shoes before ever seeing the tutorial on pinterest. Just wanted to bask in what I though was originality for a minute. Then of course somebody like-minded did the same and created a well spread pin tutorial. These Shoes have gotten me the most compliments. (they were solid blue/green shoes with no embellishment before)


They were such a smash at our annual Christmas excursion that our precious patron Katie had to give them a try. I ended up painting this sweet lady a BRIGHT pair of keds in rainbow colors and glitter. She is 80 and totally rocked them!


Rocking the Goldies pre-excursion. I worked as a bartender so this time every year one of our favorite patrons would treat us to the bar and take us gambling. Miss that woman like crazy!

Sorry no tutorial but it’s pretty simple. Buy plain cheap shoes, pick a design, paint it on.

Note: I paint the majority of shoes using acrylic then sealing with an  aerosol acrylic sealer. Also use paint pens occasionally but brushes offer  much more control and precision.

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All day Red Lips for $4

I LOVE 40’s inspired makeup. I like to pretend I’m a pinup girl, when I’m not pretending to be a Disney princess… Some of us never grow up. Retro makeup and hair is my go-to look when I don’t want to spend forever in the mirror. It’s really quick and really easy! Now, I never realized how hard it was to photograph your lip until to day so I’ll have to use mostly photos from the past week of red lips.


Supplies: Your usual gloss, Ruby Red lipstick, and a red sharpie marker. (You read that right permanent marker)




I used Sally Hansen Lip Inflation $2!!! Love the stuff. My lipstick is
Wet n Wild in Velvet Red 910D $1. Bought a 4 pack of sharpies at the
dollar store for $1. That’s $4 for all day stay!


I invested in a lip stain stick a couple years back and loved it but realized it was nothing ore than a marker. Only the lip stain markers fade and smear much like I would expect a crayola child’s marker to on my lips. Plus it cost me $9!!!


STEP 1: Exfoliate lips using your toothbrush. This will knock off the dead skin and stimulate them to make them naturally plumper. If you have dry cracked lips like me try putting on a THICK coat of Blistex or Carmex and let set a couple minutes then wipe off. You want your lips dry but uncracked to apply the red.


Step2: Line your lips with the marker. It is very important that you stay INSIDE your natural lip line. If you have ever drawn on your skin with a marker you will know they tend to bleed out. As long as you keep it within your natural lip line it will not bleed and will keep a straight clear line


Step3: Fill in your entire lip with marker. It will feel sticky at first but will dry


(((TIP: If you are hitting the beach of some sort of outdoor activity you can apply gloss and go after this step. You can even add chap stick thru out the day without losing color. The red marker is water proof and smudge proof. No touch ups needed.)))


Step 4: Apply red lipstick and blot like normal.


Step 5: Glam up your gloss! YOUR DONE!




I’m telling you it really sticks. After a few hours of no touch ups your lips will be still be a succulent red and completely kissable! At first naturally your lip stick will smudge on anything you kiss, eat, or drink. You can go all day without touching up and not worry about getting it on your man. I only did touch ups about midday to get that high gloss BAM in yo face red again.




Here I had been wearing it for about 3 hours without a touch up other than gloss.




This was AFTER eating and just applying gloss




We rocked it right up until bedtime!


The next day, even after washing my face, I have red tinted lips. I can throw on chapstick and go with naturally red looking lips.



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No-Sew Bikini!!! Busty Girls can Wear too!

So, the only no-sew bikinis I can find are strapless tube top type. Let’s be honest, only the extremely flat chested can pull that one off. Therefore, I, accidentally, found a way to make one for big girls. This can be worn by small, average, and busty ladies and can be altered several different ways. I will show you 2 here. I even included a bottoms tutorial!

Here’s 2 of the outcomes to this tutorial.

PicMonkey Collage

The Fringe is optional as is the collar. Collar kinda of adds that retro flair tho, I believe. Now, for the how-to!


Supplies: 2 L or XL T-shirts, 2 Hair ties or rubber bands (not necessary for a smaller bust), 1 pair of scissors.


Step 1 (TOP): Cut arms, neck, bottom hem, and down side. you can’t see here but I cut from the arm pit down to the hem. (be sure to keep scraps)


 Move Scraps. Shirt should now look like this when opened up.


Step 2 (TOP): These will be your tie straps for your neck and waist so need to be no more than 2 inches thick. If they are too thick cut all the way across your rectangle shaped fabric to thin them out.


Step 3 (TOP): Specify your top from your bottom. Doesn’t matter which way you do it just specify them. Cut straps center with hole in center and tie together. Do not knot as you will need to be able to untie and retie when taking on and off.


Step 4 (TOP): Starting from bottom corner cut up toward neck, leaving about 6 inches from center top. Taking out a big triangle.  (sorry for blurry photo upload)


Place arms through large center hole with the TOP behind your neck and the BOTTOM under your arms behind you back. It should look similar to picture above

(((TIP: If you have any natural saggage in your twins put on a bra for this next part. This works with any swimsuit. Put on a bra first then swimsuit. Then remove bra from underneath swimsuit to avoid that crazy “cant get your girls right” experience.)))



Step 5 (TOP) (Less busty): Roll fabric on neckline under and twist tightly.

If you are smaller busted this can be your final step. After twisting both sides tie them and it should look like photo below (minus the black bra)


Without Collar


With Collar.

To get collar simply unroll neckline fabric AFTER rolling and tying. Always roll completely under when tying to ensure maximum coverage.

Finished top for smaller bust. For larger bust continue to Step 5 (busty) below.


Step 5 (TOP) (Busty): Twist neckline under and twist bottom. Secure with elastic to ensure the movement and pressure from those bad boys doesn’t untwist the fabric and you come spilling out in a tidal wave of pure boob awesomeness.


Step 7 (TOP) (Busty): Now here it gets a little tricky. Because of the elastic ties, simply tying the ends together will cause it to look bulky. So here I took a piece of my scrap fabric, ran each end thru the elastic ties, then tied together in a very tight knotted bow…. Oh, and you can now release the Cracken….. (remove bra)

To get the fringe look just cut the excess fabric into strips. Pull each strip. The T-shirt material will roll up on itself when stretched.

You can now unroll upper inner neck to make the collared look if you choose to or leave them tucked.


For this type of finish. Tie elastics together with scrap fabric, wrap fabric around center, tuck ends underneath boob. This will not only hide the ends completely but will give your girls a little boost from underneath. The gathers in the fabric will totally camouflage the tucked ends also.

(((TIP: If you plan to swim or get wet in this top I suggest adding an extra layer of protection. Such as, Nipple Pasties, Bra liner out of an old bra or swimsuit liner from another swimsuit. You know, they put them in those little pockets on the back of your swimsuit tit and they always get twisted in the washer. This top has that heavy vinyl type printing on it so is good on its on. apply this tip to a plain or thin T-shirt)))




Step 1 (BOTTOMS): Take your second shirt. cut completely up sides, across hem, and cut off neckline. Leaving 2 big pieces of square fabric.


Step 2 (BOTTOMS): Split into 2 separate squares put one to the side. If you can not free hand the hourglass crotch shape, I suggest taking a pair of old panties (that word is so weird to me), cut the sides of said panties and lay out like shown. ((Yes, those are my fancy Granny Panties))  Outline just the hourglass inner thigh shape. Don’t worry about top and sides where you cut.

(((TIP: Use the extra square of fabric to make a slightly smaller version of these bottom, using same directions. If your planning to actually swim in swimsuit you’ll want double the layer to keep your camel toe under wraps. You don’t want your camel toe to become a moose knuckle. Wear the smaller version beneath version we are making here by tying together on sides… you’ll see what I mean…. Keep reading.)))


Step 3 (BOTTOMS): Cut out hourglass shape but extend all the way to edge of fabric. Front and back ‘waist’ band (far left and far right) should be about 3″ wide. If you got a lot of excess cut completely across. You can see where I trimmed both front and back of mine.


Step 4 (BOTTOMS): Cut split in both sides of ‘FRONT’. Cut a hole into both sides of ‘BACK’. Be sure to do this to BOTH sides.


Step 5 (BOTTOMS): Here it gets hard. Your going to feel like you putting on a grownup diaper. Easiest way to do this is just to sit on it… yeah yeah yeah, I know. That’s what she said… Sit on bottoms diaper style. Bring your slitted front (this just keeps getting dirtier).. bring slitted front pieces thru hole from back piece. Loop around hole and tie. This photo doesn’t really show you exactly how, but the point is to use the hole to tie the slit pieced together so your bottoms stay on! Do this on each side and SHOULD look as follows.bottoms

If your bottoms are too loose this is an easy fix. On the pieces where you cut a ‘hole’ and a ‘split’ shorten them. the shorter you make these pieces the smaller around your suit will be.


20130426_135405 D0F26204-orig_zps27ca7f0a

Any questions or suggestions feel free to comment!

Yes, I have swam in T-shirt swimsuit. Wet fabric won’t rip, your safe

Yes, those are my real boobs. Before you get mad… don’t be, because I have the ass of a 2nd grader. 😦

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