Oh No! Not the Transexuals!!!

Let me start by saying, I am in no way a political person. I do not have ties to any one group. I am merely a mother, who cares about her children and practices the use of common sense.

So, here are some common sense point I think many people are missing with this whole “Transgenders are in my bathroom!” media blow up.

  1. The new bill every one is referring to will NOT allow them to use the bathroom they see fit. It will STOP them from using the bathrooms they have deemed fit for themselves and have used all the years they have identified with their sex. This means you, yes you, have BEEN sharing a restroom with transgender people. Did it hurt you? No. Did you know? Not unless you are some form of pervert yourself. kevin-moore-bathroom-cartoo
  2. “Allowing them to use our bathrooms will open the door to predators”. This is my favorite point. Let’s elaborate on this. Predators are arrested in public restroom, they are caught dressed and acting exactly the sex they are, no lies, no costumes, no charade. No law is stopping them. “…but this will open the door!” Let me explain how this is not true. You believe that a man can dress like a woman and just walk in the ladies room. Ok, yes he can, but anybody dumb enough to fall for it needs more common sense. Any man going that far anyway, will do it regardless of law. That same man can walk into the mens room without playing pretend and feed on your son. This law if anything will increase the ease of entry for sexual predators… please read below…                  michael-cf791fc5b240877af0847a83a9b68a14
  3. This bill will make you MORE vulnerable to predators. The man you see above was born a woman. This law would require him to use the ladies room. Do you want that? NOT ME! My point however is, you see how much he looks like a man? With this new law any man, born man, looks man, acts man, can now enter the ladies room by claiming “I am a trans man, I was born a female. Law states I must use this facility” Ok he is doing EXACTLY what you’re asking. Only now you can’t argue without asking to see his genitals. You see how this makes it so much EASIER for predators?
  4. “…but men will dress like women now that they are aware they can to enter my bathroom!” There is a broad difference in a gay man, a transgender woman, and a cross dresser (there are many more in between also). A Trans woman lives her life as a women, she isn’t a guy who woke up one day and said “Today I want wear a dress and makeup”. It is a lifestyle change. It does not take science to figure out the real from the fake. After all, like I said, they have been doing it all this time without you realizing.
  5. You already share your dressing room openly with the opposite sex. While some stores do have separate dressing rooms, many do not. Wal-Mart, Target, Burlington, many major retailers (varies by location) do not have separate dressing room facilities. While some do have a clerk working them, many also do not. So the dressing room, the room in which you go to completely undress, is shared openly by the opposite sex. Where are your posters and pitch forks?27A3DBA700000578-3042240-image-m-80_1429207860484
  6. Trans women, and men, will be hurt and suffer. I don’t just mean “Oh, I’m so offended” I mean physically assaulted. See the lovely ladies in the photo above? They are born male. They are in a men’s restroom to show a point. Imagine one of these attractive ladies is forced to use the mens room. She stumbles into a bar bathroom where drunken men are now taking it, she is in pursuit of something more, or she is so drunk she doesn’t know the difference. This is a hot bed of sexual assault waiting to happen. Say this trans lady walks into a room of close minded homophobes and now they are faced with a room, where cameras are not permitted, with people looking to hurt them. Hate crime just waiting to happen. All these things are MUCH more likely to happen and WILL happen in much higher number than your whole “Men will will pretend to get into the ladies room” theory. (IMO)
  7. We are worried for our children. Yes I AM worried for my children. As stated above in #3, this law will put my children in MORE danger if it is passed in my state. Not so much as children because I will always escort them to the restroom until they are of an appropriate age to escort themselves, but as young men being followed by women, yes women are pedophiles and perverts too, into public restrooms under the facade that they were born male. I do not want my children to have to question the gender next to them. “If she wants to be a lady you treat her as such and you don’t pull your penis out at the urinal when she walks in. Why doest she use my bathroom? Well honey, because it makes other ladies uncomfortable. Crazy? Yes son, I know” This isn’t something I should have to explain to my boys.
  8. I can not support this bill because I am Christian. Jesus addressed the woman at the well, a public facility, and asked water of her. She was a loose woman of low morals. He did not agree with her life. He did not support her life decisions. He did not ask she take her unclean immoral bucket and hands to another well. He asked her for a drink, from her very own pail. Even when she asked him why he, somebody not like her, would want to share with her, he showed love, and in this, he showed her God’s divine plan. My God has plans for me. My life should be an example of what trust in him does. That stranger needing that ladies bathroom pep talk to boost her spirits (ya’ll know what I’m talking about) isn’t going to get it in the other bathroom.
  9. I just want to pee. They just want to pee. Let’s all pee. The average bathroom trip takes less than 2 minutes. Seems like a lot of noise about something so small. And like I’ve said several times already, WE HAVE BEEN DOING JUST FINE WITHOUT THIS NEW BILL.Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 8.42.07 PM
  10. The one upside to this new bill? NEW JOBS!!! Every public restroom will require genital checkers. Not everyone has an i.d. and even so you can change your gender. So how do we stop them? A genital checker. Can’t wait for that job opening, bet you can’t wait to be required to prove your sex every time you go pee either huh? There goes all our dignity.

P.S. If you want to boycott Target you might as well boycott every public store, because as of right now, in my state and still in most, they are all still letting ’em choose wherever they want.

Honestly though, even if this does pass, it wont affect the true trans-population. They will continue to use the bathroom they identify with, you won’t know the difference, and life will go on just as it has before.

25 thoughts on “Oh No! Not the Transexuals!!!

  1. I just read your post, and I appreciate you so much! I’m an intersex individual, and we’re the “forgotten victims” of this crime. We’re not all transgender (I am, but that’s only because the wrong gender was selected for me), but many of us are gender non-conforming and even if we could “look” like one gender or the other, we already are feeling pressure to change ourselves for society. In a world where we’re told to be proud of who we are, we’re also being told to hide all we are so people will accept us because we’re different. The stupidity, right? This issue is so much bigger than the “transgender problem”, which really isn’t a problem until weirdos (who are the perverts, if you ask me, since they’re so concerned with what’s in everyone’s underpants) make it one.

    Really, I just want the right to pee. I want the right to be who I am, just like everyone else. I want the right to bodily integrity, just like everyone else. I’m not asking for the world. Just for common sense and a little kindness and understanding to rule instead of bigotry and prejudice.

    THANK YOU for standing up and speaking out!

  2. Thank you. I strongly agree. This whole dust up is silly. I feel maybe politicians worried about turnout. But regardless, this isn’t worth splitting our state apart for.

  3. Exactly right. These bills are nothing more than posturing by the same people who seek to divide and conquer every election season…and, ironically, more of them – politicians and preachers alike – have been arrested for molesting individuals in bathrooms than all the trans men and women worldwide.

  4. Thank you so much for your common sense blog; you truly hit the nail on the head. It is only decent allies like you who make us trans women feel safe. I’m from the UK, so I am safe, but I do fear such a law reaching the UK. I’ve posted the link to your article on my Transsexual UK facebook page, and pinning it…!! Thank you, just thank you… Krystyna x

    • So glad to help! I cant imagine how scary it must be for the trans community here right now, the UK has showed it out “common senses” us time and time again though. Surely they won’t even consider it.

  5. I am a Transgender Woman.
    I have had bottom Surgery.
    It says Female on my Birth Certificate.
    This bill will not stop me from using the ladies washroom.
    I use the Ladies Washroom and no one knows my history.
    For me to use the mens washroom would be akin to suicide.
    Cis women dont need to worry about Transgender women.
    Its Men that we as women that we must be concerned with.
    We need to promote love acceptance and support.
    Not division, hate and fear mongering.
    Hugs all
    Brianne C.

  6. Hi, thanks for being who you are. It’s always nice to see someone that not only doesn’t hate, but openly supports. You are a rock star. I have one question though, the meme that took me to your blog said another law being proposed in Arizona. I am trans, and I live in Arizona. There is no state law protecting us here, but there are city ordinances that protect us in the restrooms in Phoenix, Tucson, and Scottsdale. I know there was a law proposed here in 2013 that was met with a sh*t storm of opposition but I haven’t seen one come out recently. Did I miss something? Is there another proposed law that has just come out that you know of, or was the meme that was used just a random meme, that just happens to be from Arizona from 2013? Again, thank you so much. Briana

  7. Thanks for standing up for us transgendered transsexual women there should be more understanding people like yourself , I am a full post natal transgendered transsexual women myself and I am totally impressed with your blog and common sense once again thankyou

  8. Hey, maybe perverts can get the job as genitals checker – after all, who is gonna want this job? Will this job also exist at the elementary school? Or schools in general? I’m not the damn genetalia imspector – stop showing me your equipment!

  9. Thank you so much for this article. You stated everything very well. You use common sense and well defined reasoning. These bills are getting rediculous. Kansas is wanting to ut a bounty of $2500 for identifying a trans person in the gender opposite their birth. How many assaults do you think are going to occur from this ingenious bill? Ask the poor lady in NC how that feels. Once again, a sincere thank you for being a caring human.

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