One Baby Down, Another on the Way!

So, as you could tell by my previous post we WERE expecting. We are now the proud parents to Kaston Lambert.

After spending a grueling 13 days in the NICU he came home one week ago today. More on that in a later post.

Here is our bundle of joy!


Can you say “ADORABLE”? No? Well don’t worry, I will say it enough for the both of us.

So judging by the title of this post you are probably thinking “This crazy basket case is seriously expecting another?” You are also at this point assuming I am either a backwoods Duggar fan or a serious welfare case. Please curb your judgement as I AM NOT expecting a child but I am expecting a……..  drum roll please……. A GRANDBABY!

As my husband and I close the door on pregnancy and children for ourselves we are making way for grandchildren. It is unexpected and it is taking him some adjusting as the idea of his baby girl being a mom is terrifying.

To add to this anxiety and excitement, after years of boys being born into the immediate family, 4 in a row to be exact, we are having our first GIRL since the twins (one of which is the mom in this case)!!!!!

So, I share her gender announcement made today.


Congratulations! You got this girl!

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2 thoughts on “One Baby Down, Another on the Way!

  1. tattooedcrazybeautifulcreativemind

    I tried to leave a comment already, let’s hope this one posts! Did you say she was a twin? Is she y’alls daughter together? Or the hubs from a previous or yours from a previous relationship? How old is she? Sorry for all the questions, you’re just so young to be having a grand baby!

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