Painted Shoes

I have not given up on my blog. I have simply been overwhelmed with shoes!!! On top of that my son cracked my laptop screen and I have another virus on my computer. Oh the bum luck!

Though I would just drop by and let everyone see what has been keeping me away!




Boy Shoes

1380440_615969781777847_1684997289_n 1383648_615969838444508_1995464711_n

Dallas Cowboys

601601_640894205932565_1664903216_n 1375789_640894342599218_1863863116_n


Fairy Godmother (for my Fairy Godmother)


These aren’t finishes, I am currently working on these while waiting on shoes to be delivered to me.

Sorry to keep it short, I have lots of projects I have been working on so hopefully I will have some tutorials up soon!

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2 thoughts on “Painted Shoes

  1. Megan Price

    Hi my name is Megan. I was actually just on google looking at cool ideas using the Dallas Cowboys and I saw the shoes you where doing! I absolutely fell in love with them! Do you sell any of the things you make or do you just put tutorials up? Because I would love a pair of them. I have two boys my oldest is 2yrs and my youngest is 8months. My oldest is Dallas and the baby is Joshua. My family is HUGE cowboy fans. I just wanted to see if you would possibly consider making some and selling them. Than you 🙂

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