Bathroom Redo for Under $15

This is a project I did a few weeks back but just haven’ t gotten around to posting.

This is not so much a tutorial as it is “What I did to spruce up our small guest bathroom.”

Our guest bathroom was pretty just, blah. Our entire house is painted a very boring shade of tan. Fortunately the landlord left a bucket of the paint here with us. Therefore, I have a little bit of play that I can cover later. Even if you can’t paint your walls this same things can be done using poster board or white contact paper.

First things first, pick up some bright acrylic paints!


Very simple shapes can create a very dramatic look. If you are not confident in you free hand, make a stencil using poster board or card board. Stencil out a circle, then any petal shape you decide to use.  Paint whatever colors you choose and voila! That simple.

Next, embrace the dollar store crafts. I would like to credit someone for this next part, but truth is, there are so many tutorials for these it is ridiculous. Even easier to make than to find.


I got 8 packs of tissue paper in various colors for $1 a piece. Paid another $1 for a pack of pipe cleaners. Still had enough paper for 2 other flowers but didn’t have enough room to hang them.

Tutorial can be found at the following link: Tissue Paper Pompom

This same tutorial can be used to make tissue paper balls also. Just attach 2 of these flowers back to back to create a pompom ball effect and hang from ceiling.

If you are hanging these in a bathroom, like I did, consider humidity. The best way to avoid drooping is spray starch. I sprayed mine after they were hung, I WOULD NOT suggest it. I had to constantly fluff them as they dried. 

Instead spray your tissue paper with starch BEFORE starting and allow to dry completely as starch will make it damp at first.

Hang them on the wall using small nails or double stick heavy duty tape. I had a little extra space so I painted “Hello Beautiful” on the wall, as the mirror is directly left of it all.

Finding a bright colored shower curtain should be a breeze. I got mine from Dollar General and they literally had a crap load of bright colors to choose from.

So that’s how I spruced up my guest bath for under $15. I apologize in the poor photo quality. My husband says he is buying me a camera. We will see.

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