Digging through the Painting Archives

My household had a lot on it’s plate which means a little less time and resources to start new projects. Since we are about to go head first into some big changes in our house, I decided to make today a lazy day. Lazy day included going through tons of old pictures. I found a lot of paintings from a few years back and thought I would share them with y’all.

269103_223575821017247_6333651_n - Copy 284458_223576034350559_5227798_n

When these where done, smartphones were reserved for the elite, therefore not very highly quality photos. These are watercolor and acrylic on watercolor paper.

284075_223575907683905_6329648_n         283353_223575994350563_2355487_n

acrylic on canvas. Purely done out of boredom.

283469_223576131017216_7161804_n 268373_223576344350528_273739_n - Copy

Acrylic and wall putty on canvas. For a Relay for Life auction in 2010


watercolor on watercolor paper. A gift to my Granny.


Acrylic and watercolor on canvas. LSU!!!

269399_223580384350124_7617084_n - Copy

Acrylic on canvas. For my brother’s Browning loving maw-in-law

269153_223580074350155_3816028_n - Copy

watercolor and acrylic on canvas.  A gift to a friend during her pregnancy.

281676_223580487683447_4542732_n - Copy

Large Camp sign. Painted for auction to benefit my Mamaw back in 2010

269949_223576437683852_6204455_n - Copy

Acrylic and wall putty on canvas. These pieces are so quick and easy, and when framed make a great piece.

270342_223581957683300_6340408_n - Copy    statefarm

Acrylic on glass. I LOVE doing windows! Cant wait for the holidays to roll around so I can do my windows here!

270216_223582121016617_4777815_n - Copy 283815_223582071016622_7223075_n

Acrylic on heavy packing paper. These where in my son’s nursery when he was an infant. It was a woodland critter room.


acrylic on drywall. A family tree mural (as seen on pinterest). Commissioned for a precious lady who has since made it even more beautiful with family photos.

281517_223582357683260_5066144_n 283367_223582231016606_4781661_n


Acrylic and marker on heavy packing paper. This thing is like 8 ft long. It hung on our dining room wall 2 houses ago. Now it is stuck in the attic as it doesn’t fit or match anything in our home. Hopefully we’ll have a family or game room one day to put it back up.

Sooo…. there are a few of the things I use to do before my son came along. I use to have a lot of free time. Wouldn’t change a thing. Hes getting to the age now though where I can get back into painting. He’s more apt to play with his toys without needing constant attention so maybe I’ll try to paint more often.

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