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Bathroom Redo for Under $15

This is a project I did a few weeks back but just haven’ t gotten around to posting.

This is not so much a tutorial as it is “What I did to spruce up our small guest bathroom.”

Our guest bathroom was pretty just, blah. Our entire house is painted a very boring shade of tan. Fortunately the landlord left a bucket of the paint here with us. Therefore, I have a little bit of play that I can cover later. Even if you can’t paint your walls this same things can be done using poster board or white contact paper.

First things first, pick up some bright acrylic paints!


Very simple shapes can create a very dramatic look. If you are not confident in you free hand, make a stencil using poster board or card board. Stencil out a circle, then any petal shape you decide to use.  Paint whatever colors you choose and voila! That simple.

Next, embrace the dollar store crafts. I would like to credit someone for this next part, but truth is, there are so many tutorials for these it is ridiculous. Even easier to make than to find.


I got 8 packs of tissue paper in various colors for $1 a piece. Paid another $1 for a pack of pipe cleaners. Still had enough paper for 2 other flowers but didn’t have enough room to hang them.

Tutorial can be found at the following link: Tissue Paper Pompom

This same tutorial can be used to make tissue paper balls also. Just attach 2 of these flowers back to back to create a pompom ball effect and hang from ceiling.

If you are hanging these in a bathroom, like I did, consider humidity. The best way to avoid drooping is spray starch. I sprayed mine after they were hung, I WOULD NOT suggest it. I had to constantly fluff them as they dried. 

Instead spray your tissue paper with starch BEFORE starting and allow to dry completely as starch will make it damp at first.

Hang them on the wall using small nails or double stick heavy duty tape. I had a little extra space so I painted “Hello Beautiful” on the wall, as the mirror is directly left of it all.

Finding a bright colored shower curtain should be a breeze. I got mine from Dollar General and they literally had a crap load of bright colors to choose from.

So that’s how I spruced up my guest bath for under $15. I apologize in the poor photo quality. My husband says he is buying me a camera. We will see.

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Copper Top Penny Coffee Table DIY

This table…(shakes head) … this table, it belonged to my husband’s Nana which translates into, “We are never getting rid of it” I’ve had tried numerous time to get a new coffee table and have been met with a “No” from Jerry. It was a regular brown coffee table when we got together. I thought it had met it’s demise a few years back when my husband and a friend crashed into it. Wrong!, Jerry screwed it right back together. So, since we can’t let it go, at least we can make it more unique.


All you need for this project is:

a Surface (coffee table in this case)

Elmer’s Pro bond advanced or equivalent, must bond metal to wood

Martha Stewart Copper Metallic Glaze or equivalent, an acrylic copper will work as well.

Black spray paint your choice of gloss or flat

Polyurethane clear gloss

Pennies, pennies, pennies!!! 

Just to go ahead and warn you, you are going to need more pennies than you think. I chose this project because I assumed “Oh! pennies! how cheap this will be!” After my first visit to the bank for $5 in pennies I discovered I was wrong. In all, I estimate $15 in pennies. Not my cup of tea AT ALL!!!

This project in all including paint, pennies, and polyurethane I estimate at around $25. Still cheaper than a new table. I was given the Martha Stewart paint by my sister so FREE! Already had the Elmer’s on hand as well.

933979_621025961252723_1580269495_n 1016136_621025944586058_988103384_n

This is what we started with. I painted the table a sherbet orange a year or so ago. This was after a slight sanding.


Step 1: Paint entire piece your base color; I chose black. Let dry


Step 2: using you glaze or equivalent, cover whatever surface your placing your pennies. This will make it look like a more cohesive piece. The gaps in between will not stand out as much. Also if your working with an odd shape like I was, this will make your edges look much more uniform.

1097999_621026061252713_1334203752_n 1237880_621026024586050_578979066_n

I used an old blush brush to make swirly patterns. Almost left it like this; was very pretty. I just wanted some texture in my life though, so I continued.


Step 3: using the Elmer’s advanced bond start placing your pennies in a stagger pattern for maximum coverage. If you are working with a odd shape, like this table, it will be your call on how far to let pennies overhang. Some rows will line up perfectly with the edge while others will have a gap or leave your penny hanging over. Totally up to you what you do with it. This is the reason I applied the copper. The copper base makes these edge gaps less noticeable.


My completely filled table. 15 stinking dollars later! Don’t fret, Gluing them down is much quicker than you think, even a little fun.


Step 4: You want to apply this for numerous reasons. It will protect the pennies from turning colors, avoid them coming off the table from wear, and seal the cracks for easy cleaning. To apply, literally pour the contents of the can into the center of the table. Using a wide paint brush or sponge, work the coat outward to the edges. You may need more or less to completely fill the cracks for a smooth surface area. For a very smooth finish, buy 2 cans. Repeat this step again after table had completely dried with second can of polyurethane.

This will take anywhere from 24-48 hours to dry. I left mine outside for the first 36 hours. The nearly drowning humidity kept it from drying completely so I had to confine it to a bedroom away from toddler hands overnight to finish the drying process. Seriously though, the humidity here is so bad you almost need scuba gear to breathe in the yard.


Step 5: Enjoy table! Mine will get an extra coat of polyurethane I’m sure eventually. I LOVE the wet look it gives it!


Isn’t it lovely?


Paxton saw the camera and waned to “cheese” for Mama.



Add pennies in any pattern to a cheap piece of dollar store glass. I think they sell them for candle stands. Got this one for $0.25. It’s a new coaster for my fancy table.


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Liebster Award Nomination!

I was getting ready to crawl into bed when I discovered a fellow blogger had nominated me for the Liebster Award!


The Liebster Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. So, what is a Liebster?  The meaning: Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. Isn’t that sweet? Blogging is about building a community and it’s a great way to connect with other bloggers and help spread the word about newer bloggers/blogs (

A big thank you to fellow blogger for the nomination. Be sure to visit her blog for great projects and tips on renting with style!

Now for the rules of this nomination. Be sure to thank the blog that nominated you and post a link back to their blog.

Next you must answer the 10 questions your nominator asked you. Then nominate your 10 favorite blogs with under 200 followers and ask your own 10 questions. Be sure to notify each blog you nominate by telling them on their blog and sending them a link back to you Liebster post.

I nominate the following blogs… in no specific order…. drum roll please….dadadadaddadadadadadada…..

1. Glitter and Unicorns

2. Yoo Imagine

3. Crafty Madre

4. Corner of the bedroom studios

5. Art

6. Nicole’s Drawing Evolution

7. Kaydance Kloth

8. Adventure Familyness

9. Drunken Kitchen-ness and News

10. Lindsay’s Wonderland

Now for my questions from Makeshift Living

1. Why did I start blogging? Honestly it was pinterest. I had become addicted and soon realized I had already done many of the crafts on there on my own. I would see so many hard and expensive tutorials and I just wanted to show people things could be simplified on a budget. I also enjoy knowing that the things done here in my little house in Louisiana can be seen by people around the world with just a click. It’s fulfilling.

2. What 3 positives does blogging bring to my life? One, I recently moved away from friends and family. Blogging keeps me busy and gives me an outlet to share; since I can’t just invite a friend over to say “hey, check out the new bathroom decor”. Two, I am awful about starting projects and never finishing. With blogging I am now eager to finish so I can post it to Mommy MoonBlossom asap. Three, I’m learning so much about other people with similar interests and learning new techniques for further endeavors.

3. What hopes do I have for my blog? hmmm… not sure at the moment. I hope to gather a larger following, establish more content, and be shared on multpile outlets. I would love for one of my posts, if not many, to be the one women are referring to when the following conversation takes place, “Oh my god, I saw this thing on pinterest (insert whatever project here)”, friend will reply, “I saw that too, it looks so easy I want to try it soon!”… Pretty much I just want people to find my blog inspiring.

4. Of what am I most proud of? In life that would be my son. He is a wonderful smart little man. He is always entertaining and the only thing I don’t like about blogging is the time it takes away from him. As a stay at home mom though, I’m sure he enjoys the break too sometimes.


5. Where do I shop the most? Not a shopper in all honesty. Big things like furniture and frames I shop garage sales. Craft supplies when I do break down and buy them, Hobby Lobby. Clothes… well…. where ever they are on sale for dirt cheap. I would suggest for shoes. It is my only splurge store. Oh and Wal-Mart, I hate that place yet I end up there at least twice a week.

6. I have $10 to spend on Amazon, what do I buy? Fabric, or a Fantasy type fairy or mythology field journal. Love the study, even when it’s imaginary facts, of mythical creatures.

7. What crafting tool can I absolutely not live without? Acrylic, I put that sh*t on everything.

8. What is my go-to recipe when I’m too tired to cook? I call in the Jerry (husband) but when that fails, spaghetti. It’s just the easiest and everyone loves it. We do have this thing in our house called “fend for yourself night”, where we all scour the kitchen and pantry for whatever appeals to us individually.

9. Would I choose undying love or unlimited fund? I’m assuming you mean relationship style love therefore I choose unlimited funds. Don’t get me wrong I love my husband but I have a son now, that love is enough to sustain any mother. With unlimited funds I can live worry free, even undying love is hard when your broke, I been there. Unlimited fund would provide me with some of that undying lust occasionally and I could live with that. I’d just play sugar mama to my husband and make him my pool boy.

10. I do have a fur baby? I do, her name is Fancy and she is faaaar from furry. She’s actually naked! A Chinese Crested who is at the moment recovering from a coon/possum attack. We’re not sure which one got her but it got her good. Poor thing has been ran over twice, stomped by a passing A-hole, and now attacked by the local wildlife. She is a survivor

189053_199649346723722_145762_n 199820_199649490057041_5928015_n

My Questions for my Nominations:

1. Why did you start blogging?

2. What is your favorite post on your blog and can you include link?

3. If you do anything for a living without worrying about income, what would it be?

4. Who is the most supportive of your blogging endeavors?

5. You’ve been hired to write a monthly column for your favorite magazine/blog. What is your column about?

6. What is something you really want your followers to know about you?

7. Do you live with family or pets? How many?

8. What is your favorite photo of yourself, post it.

9. What do you find the most challenging about running a blog?

10. Where do you want to be in the next 5-10 years? Is your blog still in the picture?

Can’t wait to hear from each of you and let the nominations spread!!!!

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Sketching with a no. 2 Pencil

I don’t usually like to do portraits. One mistake and you can take a Angelina Jolie look-a-like into a botched botox patient. Faces are finicky which is why I have avoided them for the most part. However, the band I recently did the cover art for need art for the actual CD itself. So I was forced to jump back into realism for their choice of CD art.

I had every intention of digging my charcoals out of the attic, but I started with a pencil and just couldn’t bring myself to stop. I knew I would be transferring images to the computer so I could go in and remove pencil strokes, turns out though they actually added to the texture of parts such as the hair.

Be aware, one image may be offensive to some. Paying customers get what they want.


Bands Main Man


Throwing the Bird


A comparison shot.

I actually enjoyed doing these. I may have to try to do more of them more often.

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Digging through the Painting Archives

My household had a lot on it’s plate which means a little less time and resources to start new projects. Since we are about to go head first into some big changes in our house, I decided to make today a lazy day. Lazy day included going through tons of old pictures. I found a lot of paintings from a few years back and thought I would share them with y’all.

269103_223575821017247_6333651_n - Copy 284458_223576034350559_5227798_n

When these where done, smartphones were reserved for the elite, therefore not very highly quality photos. These are watercolor and acrylic on watercolor paper.

284075_223575907683905_6329648_n         283353_223575994350563_2355487_n

acrylic on canvas. Purely done out of boredom.

283469_223576131017216_7161804_n 268373_223576344350528_273739_n - Copy

Acrylic and wall putty on canvas. For a Relay for Life auction in 2010


watercolor on watercolor paper. A gift to my Granny.


Acrylic and watercolor on canvas. LSU!!!

269399_223580384350124_7617084_n - Copy

Acrylic on canvas. For my brother’s Browning loving maw-in-law

269153_223580074350155_3816028_n - Copy

watercolor and acrylic on canvas.  A gift to a friend during her pregnancy.

281676_223580487683447_4542732_n - Copy

Large Camp sign. Painted for auction to benefit my Mamaw back in 2010

269949_223576437683852_6204455_n - Copy

Acrylic and wall putty on canvas. These pieces are so quick and easy, and when framed make a great piece.

270342_223581957683300_6340408_n - Copy    statefarm

Acrylic on glass. I LOVE doing windows! Cant wait for the holidays to roll around so I can do my windows here!

270216_223582121016617_4777815_n - Copy 283815_223582071016622_7223075_n

Acrylic on heavy packing paper. These where in my son’s nursery when he was an infant. It was a woodland critter room.


acrylic on drywall. A family tree mural (as seen on pinterest). Commissioned for a precious lady who has since made it even more beautiful with family photos.

281517_223582357683260_5066144_n 283367_223582231016606_4781661_n


Acrylic and marker on heavy packing paper. This thing is like 8 ft long. It hung on our dining room wall 2 houses ago. Now it is stuck in the attic as it doesn’t fit or match anything in our home. Hopefully we’ll have a family or game room one day to put it back up.

Sooo…. there are a few of the things I use to do before my son came along. I use to have a lot of free time. Wouldn’t change a thing. Hes getting to the age now though where I can get back into painting. He’s more apt to play with his toys without needing constant attention so maybe I’ll try to paint more often.

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You’re Only in Your 20’s Once!

After our move I kept feeling like something was still not right. I finally figured it out looking through photos on facebook… I needed a new look for our new life here.  I was raised Pentecostal which meant I always had loooong hair. Which sound beautiful but I was unlucky enough to have super thin, super fine, stringy hair. Around puberty my hair developed a natural beautiful luscious curl. By time I was old enough to appreciate the natural curl it mysteriously vanished just as quickly as it had arrived.

Because of this upbringing, the idea of short hair was inconceivable. I would never!!! The shortest it had ever been was about shoulder length near the end of my pregnancy. I assumed it be easier to manage, it wasn’t. Other than that my hair has been pretty much the same with the occasional pop of red but always brown/black…


My straight thin hair with my step daughters beautiful full thick naturally smooth hair. NOT FAIR!

Point is, I made the big and brave decision to not only cut it short, but to shave it! Well, shave part of it anyway.

Most people where aghast with the idea but here is my theory. I’m only in my 20’s once and if I’m going to do something extreme I better do it now! 


This is the photo I sent from the chair to a few close friends and relative. Their reactions where priceless!!!

I was afraid I wouldn’t like the shape of my head or my face would look chubby. Turns out it makes my neck look more slender. Or as a friend of mine said, “like a majestic giraffe”


My wonderful Hollyn (stylist) was sure to leave enough length on one side to not scare me. She also left me enough to hide my scalp if need be. Turns out I LOVE showing some skin… scalp skin that is. I feel like a total post-apocalyptic badass.


I was scared shitless. I’m not going to lie, but I took a risk and it felt GREAT! My husband however took a minute to love it as much as myself. He told me I could not get angry if he woke up in the morning and assumed there was a guy in bed next to him resulting in an injury to myself.

So often we are made to feel like long hair is a sign of femininity and beauty. Never imagined I could feel so sexy and feminine with a lack of hair. It’s empowering. Amazing what one haircut can do.


The girls say I remind them of Miley Cyrus, as many people have also said. We decided to do Miley impersonations the other night. Silver gum wrapper grill included.

What I’m hoping to say here is: if you always wanted to make a change, no matter how extreme, just do it. If your in your 20’s do it a LOT. For some reason people get much more judgmental the older we get. Not that really matters so just do it! Do it! do it! do it!

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Mad Dog Album Art

Much of my free time lately has been consumed with a new project. I’ve never been much for graphic art but when a opportunity arose I decided to give it a go. A local hard core band, Mad Dog Band, is releasing a second album “Vicious” and needed a cover designed.  After a few other failed attempts at commissioning an artist, by chance, the found me. My husband , a Dish Network technician, did a job at their home which lead to them contacting me. It was quite the adventure into new territory. They had a VERY precise idea in the minds already and after a month of back and forth and a loooot of computer program exploration later we were able to put idea to image.

Don’t forget to check out their music as well! Links below


Front Album

Back Album

Back Album


Album Insert

Find more about Mad Dog punk rock band at

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Over a 1000 views! Thanks Everyone!

We broke 1000 views last week and suddenly hit a boom! Now we are over 1300!!! One excited Mama over here! Thanks for all the support!!! I’m really ready to see a boom in comments guys! I love interacting and love suggestions for future posts or past posts. Pin pin pin! LOVE PINTEREST!

In other news, I finally have started toying with logo ideas and business card design. Testing out these ideas via my facebook page, but would love some feedback from my followers. I know some of you are also in business for yourselves and everyone is a consumer. So suggestions?

businesscard businesscard2

Pink and black or light rainbow vintage?

black-crescent-moon-hi profilepic

Simple logo or aged????

I’m sure I can go back and forth on logo but opinions on business card??

Thanks again for all the views and shares!! Want to hear what y’all have to say!

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