Make Your Own One of a Kind Shoes!

I spend the majority of my free time doing this right here. Custom shoes. They make the best gifts when you don’t know what else to buy. Who doesn’t want a one of a kind completely customized pair of shoes?!

(UPDATE) I do sell these. For more information visit my facebook page

No tutorial, just a few of the shoes I’ve done over the last year. Very therapeutic but be warned, they are VERY VERY VERY time consuming! Partly the reason I don’t even have my own pair. Crazy huh?

So I present to you, Shoes by MoonBlossom!

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Monster High

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School Mascots (Patriots and Gators)


Lala Loopsy (For my niece)


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!!! “Oh Toodles”


For my brother, the Game of Thrones fan.


…and for his wife, the fan


Miami Heat!


These were pretty interesting. This girl wanted to dance the night away at her winter formal without the uncomfortable heels. The shoes matched her amazing bright dress perfectly. She was able to be fashionable and comfortable all at once!


These were from when I was just playing with the idea of redesigning cheap shoes. My mom found a similar pair online so we decided to give it a go.


Now these are my most used and favorite pair. I would like to add I glittered these shoes before ever seeing the tutorial on pinterest. Just wanted to bask in what I though was originality for a minute. Then of course somebody like-minded did the same and created a well spread pin tutorial. These Shoes have gotten me the most compliments. (they were solid blue/green shoes with no embellishment before)


They were such a smash at our annual Christmas excursion that our precious patron Katie had to give them a try. I ended up painting this sweet lady a BRIGHT pair of keds in rainbow colors and glitter. She is 80 and totally rocked them!


Rocking the Goldies pre-excursion. I worked as a bartender so this time every year one of our favorite patrons would treat us to the bar and take us gambling. Miss that woman like crazy!

Sorry no tutorial but it’s pretty simple. Buy plain cheap shoes, pick a design, paint it on.

Note: I paint the majority of shoes using acrylic then sealing with an  aerosol acrylic sealer. Also use paint pens occasionally but brushes offer  much more control and precision.

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2 thoughts on “Make Your Own One of a Kind Shoes!

  1. krystal

    Hi I like to get shoes done for my son he loves chucky how much do you charge I live in Fresno California

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