Exceptionally Busy New Orleans Week

No crafts or DIY this week. It has been an exceptionally busy week for this bunch. However the week did have a bit of a theme. Retro Red Lipstick! I found a way to wear it all day with out ever losing color, buuuuut that tutorial will be coming later this week. Instead, here’s our week in photos with a look at how good this red sticks.

It started last Friday. Our friends came down, bringing not only 2 kids but brought our Chandler down too.


Best part was Paxton waking up to see his Bubba in the livingroom floor. He was sooo happy and piled up next to him for morning cartoons. Then to the beach we all went!

581760_602869903070428_1166268751_n 387268_588720711152014_430981571_n

Saturday! Aquarium and Story land at City Park. Aquarium play area was under construction BOOOO!!!

401129_603267149697370_421142718_n 941354_603344836356268_1969543218_n

I was good to go, Paxton had a bit of a melt down however.


Red Lips! and my good friend Jesse! Drove nearly 4 hours to stay the weekend with us 🙂

941872_603387386352013_1112592878_n 936199_603387149685370_1710693004_n

 Storybook Land ended up being a much better and MUCH cheaper investment. If your ever in New Orleans visit the city park. It’s a real jewel. All the kids enjoyed the giant dragon slide and Paxton got to kiss sleeping Snow White……Eeeeeewie! but sooo sweet!


Recreating the Titanic scene with my Husband on the pirate ship play area at the park. Jesse and her beautiful 2 kiddos.


Ended our Saturday with a stop off at Golden Corral, where Paxton discovered THE CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN. All I could think was “He wants to get chocolate wasted!!!”. If your a health nut mom I bet this really hit a nerve huh?

Sunday!!! Back to the Beach!



Kids ended up buried, and even a little burnt 😦


Goofed off with my Jesse on her last night here… RED LIPS AGAIN!

Monday we saw everyone off but Chandler stayed a couple extra days. Paxton LOVES his big brother Chan Chan. Together they played Zombie apocalypse where we caught this gem and made a meme.


Yeah, this is Louisiana, we LOVE our guns! In this house though, we love our bows even more.

Tuesday we took the boys to Chuck E. Cheeses. First time Paxton has been big enough to enjoy it. He just lit up when he saw all the flashing lights. Chandler’s a big gamer and he pooled all his tickets with Paxton’s, like a good big brother, so they could both get something small.



Wednesday!!! The day I had been waiting for for weeks. Jerry and I were having our first real date of 2013. He had gotten me tickets to see Wicked the musical at the Mahalia Jackson theater in New Orleans for Mother’s Day. So the kids caught a ride with our cousin on his way up from his rig in the gulf and my wonderful in-laws kept Paxton overnight. First night away since February!


My handsome date!


Retro pin-up was the theme a bit this week. Tutorial on hair coming… eventually. Once again RED LIPS

Thursday: Pick up and recoup.


Before we drove the 2 1/2 hours to meet up with Jerry’s parents and pick up Paxton, Jerry decided to emulate his daughters. So I schooled him in facebook photography and posted the photos to their walls. This was one of his attempts at teenage girl.


Then we Picked up this beauty right here who developed a fever later that evening.

Friday: Paxton’s fever persisted and to the Doctor we went. He has strep! Poor baby. I’m thinking maaaybe that nasty skank Snow white gave it to him 😦 Not the best ending to an otherwise wonderful week. My sister in-law stopped by for a visit since she was in town nearby. Maybe I should point out my husband and I recently moved 4 hours from our family and friends so this is all a BIG DEAL.

To soften the blow however Michelle, Jerry’s ex-wife and mother to his 3 older children, drove down with Chandler in tow, to attend a wedding close to our house. Paxton woke up once again to find bubba asleep in the living room. As of about 4:00pm today he’s been running rampant, playing guns, legos, and cars with his Chan Chan. Much better than the full day of laying on the couch he did yesterday.

Soooo…. no tutorial but I promise you lips or hair or something this week!

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