All day Red Lips for $4

I LOVE 40’s inspired makeup. I like to pretend I’m a pinup girl, when I’m not pretending to be a Disney princess… Some of us never grow up. Retro makeup and hair is my go-to look when I don’t want to spend forever in the mirror. It’s really quick and really easy! Now, I never realized how hard it was to photograph your lip until to day so I’ll have to use mostly photos from the past week of red lips.


Supplies: Your usual gloss, Ruby Red lipstick, and a red sharpie marker. (You read that right permanent marker)




I used Sally Hansen Lip Inflation $2!!! Love the stuff. My lipstick is
Wet n Wild in Velvet Red 910D $1. Bought a 4 pack of sharpies at the
dollar store for $1. That’s $4 for all day stay!


I invested in a lip stain stick a couple years back and loved it but realized it was nothing ore than a marker. Only the lip stain markers fade and smear much like I would expect a crayola child’s marker to on my lips. Plus it cost me $9!!!


STEP 1: Exfoliate lips using your toothbrush. This will knock off the dead skin and stimulate them to make them naturally plumper. If you have dry cracked lips like me try putting on a THICK coat of Blistex or Carmex and let set a couple minutes then wipe off. You want your lips dry but uncracked to apply the red.


Step2: Line your lips with the marker. It is very important that you stay INSIDE your natural lip line. If you have ever drawn on your skin with a marker you will know they tend to bleed out. As long as you keep it within your natural lip line it will not bleed and will keep a straight clear line


Step3: Fill in your entire lip with marker. It will feel sticky at first but will dry


(((TIP: If you are hitting the beach of some sort of outdoor activity you can apply gloss and go after this step. You can even add chap stick thru out the day without losing color. The red marker is water proof and smudge proof. No touch ups needed.)))


Step 4: Apply red lipstick and blot like normal.


Step 5: Glam up your gloss! YOUR DONE!




I’m telling you it really sticks. After a few hours of no touch ups your lips will be still be a succulent red and completely kissable! At first naturally your lip stick will smudge on anything you kiss, eat, or drink. You can go all day without touching up and not worry about getting it on your man. I only did touch ups about midday to get that high gloss BAM in yo face red again.




Here I had been wearing it for about 3 hours without a touch up other than gloss.




This was AFTER eating and just applying gloss




We rocked it right up until bedtime!


The next day, even after washing my face, I have red tinted lips. I can throw on chapstick and go with naturally red looking lips.



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