5 Min Kitchen Tweaks & Tips to getting Free Glass Bottles!

Here are 2 super simple kitchen tweaks, using things you may already have. Also some helpful advice about getting free bottles for crafts.

Magnet Upgrades

We all somehow end up with those little magnets advertising some kind of service. While magnets are extremely helpful, they are not always appealing to the eye. Mine mainly hold photos so I found a way to up their usage without sacrificing their original purpose.


Supplies: Photos, Magnets, Scissors, Modge Podge (or Elmer’s)


Lay your magnet on photo and trace shape. Cut out.


Glue photo onto magnet and pray you never need that lawyers number.


Display on Fridge!


Tip: Cut into a unique shape for a fun twist.

Now for my second tweak. This may not be original but the important thing here to read is how to get these bottles! So, read on!

Detergent Dispencer


Don’t go out and buy a pump top from a craft store, Just take one from a lotion you don’t use as often as others and replace with the liquor bottles top. You don’t end up wasting a bottle of lotion.


Cut out letters from magazine. These wonderful letters came from a circa 1980’s playboy. Second project I’ve used them for. Modge Podge them on.


As an ex-bartender I was able to collect a ton of these and many more bottles. (I have enough 10 year old Charter bottles to build a glass fort).

Most bars actually throw their bottles out with the rest of the trash (CRAZY I know!) while a select few others send them to recycling centers. So getting them is EASY!

First, you want to be sure the bar owner/manager is OK with giving away bottles. They most likely could care less.

Second, Speak with whatever bartender is working the night shift. She will most likely be going through more bottles than the day shift. Besides, you are not a priority to anyone working in a busy bar and if you ask the day shift to relay a message it’s most likely going to be forgotten or looked over.

Third, Be friendly with this bartender, they often get busy at night and in the rush find it easier to stay with habit and toss bottles as they run to and fro into recycling or trash bins. By being nice leave an impression she/he will remember you and set a few aside.

Fourth, If you asked for them, go get them. Do NOT expect a bar to hold bottles for you. If you asked before a Friday night rush, go pick them up Saturday morning. If bottles start to pile up they will be thrown away. Most bars are cluttered already and the last thing a bartender wants is unnecessary clutter and they WILL throw it out.

Fifth, Thank the bartender and it never hurts to tip! They just saved you a fortune on buying bottles at a craft store!

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2 thoughts on “5 Min Kitchen Tweaks & Tips to getting Free Glass Bottles!

  1. vjstracener

    Those are great tips. I had never thought of talking to a bar for the bottles.

    • We would go through so many bottles when I was bar tending, I eventually just started hoarding them. I was more than happy to keep them for people when they asked because I hated seeing them go to waste.

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