Photo frame Do Over

I visited Hobby Lobby recently, that place is the devil. With so much beautiful stuff, nothing makes me feel poorer faster. I fell in love with some photo frames with a rather BIG price tag so decided to do my own. Here is my own CHEAP version. They are also really versatile.

PicMonkey Collage

DIY Colorful Frames


Step 1: Find old frames. Many of these are garage sale finds. The trick is to ignore  the ugly pictures you see lying around at garage sales and focus on the frame. They are always worth more than the picture of a cat sleeping under a withered rose in a coffee pot. You can end upgetting frames for 10 cents!

Remove the backs and glass out of the frames.


Step 2: Paint frames the base color of your choice. I used acrylics because they are cheap and dry fast. You may have to do a few coats or you can just spray paint them for a quick fix.


Step 3: Find a contrasting, a darker, or a lighter color. What ever looks best to you. After base coat is dry, very, very lightly brush that color over your frame. Any detailing on the frame will pick it up and give it a weathered look. The gaudier the frame the better this will look

20130508_163410    20130508_163400

Step 4: Hang em! Because you have no glass or backing you can hang photos with double sided tape (rolled up scotch tape if your cheap like me) This makes changing out photos easy so you can rotate pictures often and even post seasonal pictures through out the year. Display children’s art work, Christmas cards, etc.



Light switch make-over

Using the same technique as above, do a small frame. Using the fabric from my earlier desk makeover, I modge podged the fabric onto my switch cover. Replaced the cover and hung frame over it. So much more fun that a white plate.

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