The Miss-me-Not Journal Project

I LOVE Barnes and Nobles gift section, almost as much as I love my best friend Tiffany. The elaborate leather journals always catch my eye and make me think “aaaaw Tiffany would love these!”. So tonight while my husband watched my son patiently at the train table in the children’s book section I browsed the journals and was hit with an idea.


I will buy me and my friend each a journal!

Now, I didn’t get to tonight. My son decided to become the train table bully and when my husband corrected him he decided to go into a fit. This resulted in the quick and hasty exit without purchase. Just wanted to get him out of the building. He has already made a little girl cry twice by this point.

Anyway, my Tiffany lives a good 6.5 hours from me. I have a baby and she has multiple jobs so we see each other MAYBE once or twice a year as our families still live in the same town.

As soon as possible I will run out and buy us each a journal. I will mail her her’s with these instruction.

Dear Tiffy,

Beginning today, you have one year to fill this journal. Fill it with events, photos, short stories, drawings, thoughts, woes, victories, or whatever you choose. When the year is up send it back to me along with a new blank journal. I have a duplicate of the one I’ve sent here. In one year I will send you my completed journal along with your new blank journal for the next year. Though we are far in distance we are always near in heart. I hate to miss a moment of your year so now may I never have to. Miss-me-not!

Your Far-away-Friend,  Sunnie

So, if you have a friend or family member you miss or cant see as much as you would like, hopefully this will inspire you to open a new line of communication so you never have to miss a moment.

Now hopefully she doesn’t stumble across the post and ruin the surprise. I’ve included a photo of out last night out together below!


Leave me comments or suggestions if you think there is a way to improve on this, before I mail it out!

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2 thoughts on “The Miss-me-Not Journal Project

  1. vjstracener

    This is a great idea.

  2. I’m such a procrastinator, I have to actually go through with it!

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