Maternity Photos

I ran upon some of my maternity photos and just wanted to share. My husband’s cousin Kimberly wanted to make a bit of a hobby out of photography and I volunteered to be her subject. Something about being pregnant made me feel like a sexy beast. Many of the photos proved me wrong but they are none the less invaluable to me. These are just a handful of my favorites.

Keep in mind this was a spur of the moment shoot, we worked with a black bed sheet and the only pants that would still button. Proof anyone can do it! With a decent camera that is.


The Name


The Name Again


Blue for my Baby Boy


(((TIP: When shooting a girl pregnant, or really any girl, upside down is always flattering. Don’t believe me just try it.)))


Going out with our Boots on. This was the most popular amongst the family… “yee-haw”


Our Great Dane. My personal favorite (((TIP: put peanut butter on belly to make dog hold position. Can easily be edited out)))

I believe Kimberly still has a facebook page up. KLG Photography. The complete shoot is on her page. Look me up while your at it and check out art (That’s mine)

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2 thoughts on “Maternity Photos

  1. vjstracener

    Those are some really awesome shots!

  2. Thank you. He’s 2 now. Really miss the belly sometime.

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