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A Month of Toddler clothes in ONE Drawer!

I don’t hang my toddler’s clothes… ooooh how dare I?! I hate children’s hangers and I hate hanging clothes. He’s a toddler; I don’t think he cares if he has a wrinkle or 2 or 7. The only things we hang are bulky items such as coats, sweaters, hoodies, and dress or special occasion clothes. This does cause a clutter in the storage of other clothes but I have found a system I love and is pretty easy to stick to.

I saw a post at the dawn of Pinterest that suggested packing infant clothes in zip-lock bags when traveling. I thought “Hmm.. pretty simple yet effective, but how about all the time?” ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY!!! The husband can no longer say “but I cant put together outfits like you” when asked to dress the kid. They are all preplanned. Storage is sooooo easy because entire outfits will no longer take up nearly as much space.

Supplies: Box of SLIDER gallon zip-lock storage bags. That’s it!

Note: I usually slack on this in winter as pants and winter clothes are more bulky and a pain in the tit. PERFECT for summer however.

PicMonkey Collage

All this in one dresser drawer! You can even switch to shelf storing with this easy trick.


Start by trying to gather all you child’s clothes that they actually wear, wash them, and have all together.

Set aside about an hour, give or take depending on how much clothes your child has, to do this. It’s actually kind of fun and once you get it done the first time it will be a snap to keep it going.

20130522_115726 - Copy

Start by sorting clothes accordingly. I like to separate mine into shorts, collared shirts, and t-shirts. If you have a daughter you may want to do dresses, shirts, skirts, leggings/stocking. I do not like to do pants because of the bulk so I usually store them all together to just grab whenever I need a pair. Here in Louisiana summer we won’t be needing them anytime soon.


Start sorting into outfits. You will most likely have a LOT more shirts than shorts so I usually pair one collared shirt and one or 2 t-shirts with each pair of shorts. Kids are messy and having a backup shirt is always nice. This is also like having more than one outfit in one bag, saving space! Once you have all your outfits together get ready to bag

Note: I always end up with a couple of extra t-shirts that don’t match anything; these become sleep and play shirts.


One pair of shorts & 2 shirts.


Try to put into bag as flat as possible. This usually mean only folding shorts over once. Use slider bags because they make this step so much easier. Close bag leaving about a 3″ gap open and squeeze out excess air. Once you have done about 8 or 9 bags, stack them on one another, each being slightly opened, then sit on em or squish them. This will push out even more air making them even smaller to store. After pushing out air seal bag.



If you have a bow wearing daughter you can include bows that are exclusive to a certain outfit into it’s bag so you always have it together. You can also add socks to the bags so you always have a pair handy when getting your little one dressed.

The Math: I ended up with 17 bags. 14 of these bags had 2 or more shirt options in them. (We’ll say they all had 2 for maths sake) That’s 31 outfits in  a 7″x19″ space. Can’t beat that. Nothing better than walking into your child’s room and grabbing a bag and having an instant outfit with backup clothes to throw in the diaper bag. Even better when we’re going away for a few days. I grab a handful and throw them in the suitcase and he’s set.

To keep this up, keep a box of zip-lock bags in the drawer with their clothes or where-ever you sort laundry.

Hope this was helpful. I promise you this is super easy. I am…well… I wouldn’t call it lazy so much as “unmotivated” and even I keep this up.

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Upcycle Old Windows

Old windows have made a real come back, only not on your house, but in it. People are picking these things up like the latest diet craze. Lucky lucky me I have an aunt who generously gave me a few while remodeling a house. Here is what I did.

Looking Glass Painting.


These windows had a mossy like film over the glass that really made it looked age to I cleaned only the backside of the glass.


Using looking Glass paint, paint the BACK of the window. This type of paint looks dull from the side you paint but shiny and reflective on the opposite side.

20130506_135751  20130506_140433

This is the back side of the window where the paint was applied

Because I kept the front side of my window filmy it doesn’t look AS mirror like but instead a little more aged. If you are using a regular or clean window they will appear more mirrored.


To get the image, allow paint to dry on back. Simply use acrylic paints to paint design on the front. If you are not confident in free hand you can use a dry erase marker to get it right or place a picture behind the glass BEFORE you use the Looking Glass spray paint and trace onto the front.


Make husband hang it. DONE! Total cost: $12.00 (Looking Glass Paint)

I used acrylic on the front of the glass, instead of applying it on back side before Glass paint. This was because acrylic is easy to wash off so I can change the quote or image as often as I choose. Great for Christmas time or if I change my room decor.

BONUS: An Easy Window Idea


Old book pages behind glass then mount! Easier than talking smack about that girl you hated in high school!

This project cost a total of $0.00

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$5 Cork board Art DIY

I needed to find a way to tie my desk makeover into the decor of my living room, so here was the easy and functional fix!


Cork Board Decor!


Supplies: Cork Board ($5 at Wal-Mart for 4 squares, mounting tape included), Fabric, Modge Podge (not pictured), Glue OR Stapler, scissors

It shows glue in the photo but I ended up using a stapler to avoid the drying process, I will explain both ways.


STEP1: Cut out a square of fabric to fit your cork leaving a few inches of over hang. This is the same left over fabric from the desk I re-did. I only bought a yard and a half of the stuff for like $7 and still have enough left for at least 2 more project! ALWAYS keep your scraps!


STEP2: Cut your fabric and lay cork on top, fold over your corners and staple like so. Be sure fabric is tightly pulled. IF YOU ARE GLUING… put a strip of glue down the side and fold over tightly, lay a heavy book on top of edge till dry. You can instead also secure with paper clips, chip bag clips, bobby pins, hair clips, etc.


STEP3. A completed square should look like so. Back and Front. Now repeat with a second square the same way.


STEP4: Cut out designs from the same fabric, if you are using a fabric that is not a print you may just want to cut out shapes or designs of your own choosing. Here I cut out different shapes from the print.


STEP5: Modge Podge designs onto the 2 uncovered cork boards.


Now hang using the adhesive squares included (if you bought from wal-mart). There are a ton of different ways to hang them, great for odd spaces or small walls and completely functional! These are hanging by the desk with matching fabric, pulls it all together great. The cork matches my burlap curtains awesome as well!


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5 Min Kitchen Tweaks & Tips to getting Free Glass Bottles!

Here are 2 super simple kitchen tweaks, using things you may already have. Also some helpful advice about getting free bottles for crafts.

Magnet Upgrades

We all somehow end up with those little magnets advertising some kind of service. While magnets are extremely helpful, they are not always appealing to the eye. Mine mainly hold photos so I found a way to up their usage without sacrificing their original purpose.


Supplies: Photos, Magnets, Scissors, Modge Podge (or Elmer’s)


Lay your magnet on photo and trace shape. Cut out.


Glue photo onto magnet and pray you never need that lawyers number.


Display on Fridge!


Tip: Cut into a unique shape for a fun twist.

Now for my second tweak. This may not be original but the important thing here to read is how to get these bottles! So, read on!

Detergent Dispencer


Don’t go out and buy a pump top from a craft store, Just take one from a lotion you don’t use as often as others and replace with the liquor bottles top. You don’t end up wasting a bottle of lotion.


Cut out letters from magazine. These wonderful letters came from a circa 1980’s playboy. Second project I’ve used them for. Modge Podge them on.


As an ex-bartender I was able to collect a ton of these and many more bottles. (I have enough 10 year old Charter bottles to build a glass fort).

Most bars actually throw their bottles out with the rest of the trash (CRAZY I know!) while a select few others send them to recycling centers. So getting them is EASY!

First, you want to be sure the bar owner/manager is OK with giving away bottles. They most likely could care less.

Second, Speak with whatever bartender is working the night shift. She will most likely be going through more bottles than the day shift. Besides, you are not a priority to anyone working in a busy bar and if you ask the day shift to relay a message it’s most likely going to be forgotten or looked over.

Third, Be friendly with this bartender, they often get busy at night and in the rush find it easier to stay with habit and toss bottles as they run to and fro into recycling or trash bins. By being nice leave an impression she/he will remember you and set a few aside.

Fourth, If you asked for them, go get them. Do NOT expect a bar to hold bottles for you. If you asked before a Friday night rush, go pick them up Saturday morning. If bottles start to pile up they will be thrown away. Most bars are cluttered already and the last thing a bartender wants is unnecessary clutter and they WILL throw it out.

Fifth, Thank the bartender and it never hurts to tip! They just saved you a fortune on buying bottles at a craft store!

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Photo frame Do Over

I visited Hobby Lobby recently, that place is the devil. With so much beautiful stuff, nothing makes me feel poorer faster. I fell in love with some photo frames with a rather BIG price tag so decided to do my own. Here is my own CHEAP version. They are also really versatile.

PicMonkey Collage

DIY Colorful Frames


Step 1: Find old frames. Many of these are garage sale finds. The trick is to ignore  the ugly pictures you see lying around at garage sales and focus on the frame. They are always worth more than the picture of a cat sleeping under a withered rose in a coffee pot. You can end upgetting frames for 10 cents!

Remove the backs and glass out of the frames.


Step 2: Paint frames the base color of your choice. I used acrylics because they are cheap and dry fast. You may have to do a few coats or you can just spray paint them for a quick fix.


Step 3: Find a contrasting, a darker, or a lighter color. What ever looks best to you. After base coat is dry, very, very lightly brush that color over your frame. Any detailing on the frame will pick it up and give it a weathered look. The gaudier the frame the better this will look

20130508_163410    20130508_163400

Step 4: Hang em! Because you have no glass or backing you can hang photos with double sided tape (rolled up scotch tape if your cheap like me) This makes changing out photos easy so you can rotate pictures often and even post seasonal pictures through out the year. Display children’s art work, Christmas cards, etc.



Light switch make-over

Using the same technique as above, do a small frame. Using the fabric from my earlier desk makeover, I modge podged the fabric onto my switch cover. Replaced the cover and hung frame over it. So much more fun that a white plate.

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Super Simple Super Cheap Glass Desk Make-Over

So, I have the most boring computer desk. I must admit it looked pretty sleek and clean when I picked it out 4 years ago. Now its just looks plain and lost in my eclectic style living room. So here is a cheap and easy fix! Toddler safe!

PicMonkey Collage



Supplies: 1 yd fabric (for this size desk),  Modge Podge, Spray Paint

(note: I used gloss Modge Podge, I would suggest a matte, as the gloss left slight streak marks on fabric)


Step one: Spray paint metal work. You may prefer to leave the metal whatever in color, but silver just did not match what I had in mind. If your fortunate enough you can catch your husband on an off day and convince him to do this, lucky me… today.

I chose a galvanized spray paint as I’m lazy and HATE sanding. This way if it bubbled it would only add to the effect. Turned out great!


Step 2: Lay your glass surface piece on fabric and trace pattern. You want it as accurate as possible to avoid annoying trimming later.


Step 3: Cut out shape you just traced. Easy enough


Step 4: Cover UNDERSIDE of your glass with modge podge


Step 5: Lay your fabric FACE DOWN onto glass. When complete your fabric will be displayed from underneath the glass for easy cleaning. Like I said, toddler proof. Be sure to smooth out all wrinkles and bubbles in fabric.


Step 6: Go over the fabric with another coat of modge podge. Be sure to go around edges to make sure it’s completely glued down. This step helps to find bubbles and secures the fabric to the glass a little better.

Repeat steps 2-6 on other glass surface and let dry. Trim excess edges that may over hang glass.


20130505_191456 20130505_191509 20130505_191822 20130505_191812

Paxton insisted on adding his car to the picture. Love that kid.

Feel free to comment and share! Love me some Pinterest!

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The Miss-me-Not Journal Project

I LOVE Barnes and Nobles gift section, almost as much as I love my best friend Tiffany. The elaborate leather journals always catch my eye and make me think “aaaaw Tiffany would love these!”. So tonight while my husband watched my son patiently at the train table in the children’s book section I browsed the journals and was hit with an idea.


I will buy me and my friend each a journal!

Now, I didn’t get to tonight. My son decided to become the train table bully and when my husband corrected him he decided to go into a fit. This resulted in the quick and hasty exit without purchase. Just wanted to get him out of the building. He has already made a little girl cry twice by this point.

Anyway, my Tiffany lives a good 6.5 hours from me. I have a baby and she has multiple jobs so we see each other MAYBE once or twice a year as our families still live in the same town.

As soon as possible I will run out and buy us each a journal. I will mail her her’s with these instruction.

Dear Tiffy,

Beginning today, you have one year to fill this journal. Fill it with events, photos, short stories, drawings, thoughts, woes, victories, or whatever you choose. When the year is up send it back to me along with a new blank journal. I have a duplicate of the one I’ve sent here. In one year I will send you my completed journal along with your new blank journal for the next year. Though we are far in distance we are always near in heart. I hate to miss a moment of your year so now may I never have to. Miss-me-not!

Your Far-away-Friend,  Sunnie

So, if you have a friend or family member you miss or cant see as much as you would like, hopefully this will inspire you to open a new line of communication so you never have to miss a moment.

Now hopefully she doesn’t stumble across the post and ruin the surprise. I’ve included a photo of out last night out together below!


Leave me comments or suggestions if you think there is a way to improve on this, before I mail it out!

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Maternity Photos

I ran upon some of my maternity photos and just wanted to share. My husband’s cousin Kimberly wanted to make a bit of a hobby out of photography and I volunteered to be her subject. Something about being pregnant made me feel like a sexy beast. Many of the photos proved me wrong but they are none the less invaluable to me. These are just a handful of my favorites.

Keep in mind this was a spur of the moment shoot, we worked with a black bed sheet and the only pants that would still button. Proof anyone can do it! With a decent camera that is.


The Name


The Name Again


Blue for my Baby Boy


(((TIP: When shooting a girl pregnant, or really any girl, upside down is always flattering. Don’t believe me just try it.)))


Going out with our Boots on. This was the most popular amongst the family… “yee-haw”


Our Great Dane. My personal favorite (((TIP: put peanut butter on belly to make dog hold position. Can easily be edited out)))

I believe Kimberly still has a facebook page up. KLG Photography. The complete shoot is on her page. Look me up while your at it and check out art (That’s mine)

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