Chalk Art

Chalk has really made a come back. With all the pinterest projects and boom in chalk paint how-tos, I knew it would only be a matter of time before I would encounter it. My time came when the bar I worked at remodeled and invested in a rather LARGE chalk board to list events and what not on. I jumped on the and ordered a magnificent package of chalk.

My deepest regret is not taking more pictures. The one shown here are the few of MANY I actually did. Not even sure why I took photos of just these. They weren’t even the best! Maybe I’ll run across some more later 😦

However they aren’t bad for a first time chalker eh?


Go Warhawks! (University of Louisiana at Monroe)


Halloween. Love me some Tim Burton


The bar was at a country club so I did a LOT of golf stuff.


We LOVE our LSU!!! Football was a big deal there.


Thanksgiving. Turkey caricatures of 2 regulars.


Christmas. That Dirty Santa party was a BLAST!


Winter Time!!! The word “cold” was switched to “hot” several times as the state of Louisiana could not make up its mind.

That’s all I have. Thinking maybe I could use these to con other businesses into letting me do there chalk boards… I miss it. Think I’ll just invest in a chalk wall in my house.


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