Twirl the Squirrel

PicMonkey Collage2

So, I have been asking for a kitten for our 2 year old for about a month now. No luck in finding one however. I remember people giving away kittens in every parking lot, filling the classified, and dumping them at houses such as my own. Most likely we were a drop-off for unwanted animals because we had a house of 6 kids and Mom couldn’t say “no” to 6 of us when we brought a stray in.

However, after asking for a kitten from my husband he instead, in true redneck fashion, find us this. Twirl the Squirrel.”Twirl” because that’s what Paxton the 2 year old has begun to call it and he’s boss.

So having a 3 month old handfed squirrel wind up in our home we started our research. House/living area was on top of the list and I learned she could free roam most of the time and this was it; my chance to incorporate woods (enchanted fairy type shit) into my decorum. So to the pet store we went and purchased a plain ugly parrot house and after a trip to hobby lobby my husband added the porch that every Squirrel needs right?


He promises me a shingles roof and window frames will come later. That will make it look like a real fairy, I mean.. um… Squirrel house. So I whipped out the paint for a temporary paint job until I have the completed house to my likings. For now just something she can sleep in and matches my livingroom.


After a night of this sitting on our computer desk my husband had the day off and got creative or bored one, either way he got to hustling and thinking. Off to the backyard we went and what followed I’m loving!


Doesn’t look like much here but it makes an impact in my living room. Broke my real camera now only have phone camera 😦 I gave Jerry fair warning it will get “fairied” out, be prepared. I couldn’t convince him to put another tree in my other corner but I’ll get it. May even throw a few branches coming out the other walls. Love when the outdoors come in! Oh, and Twirl LOVES her new home and we LOVE Twirl!

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