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Chalk Art

Chalk has really made a come back. With all the pinterest projects and boom in chalk paint how-tos, I knew it would only be a matter of time before I would encounter it. My time came when the bar I worked at remodeled and invested in a rather LARGE chalk board to list events and what not on. I jumped on the and ordered a magnificent package of chalk.

My deepest regret is not taking more pictures. The one shown here are the few of MANY I actually did. Not even sure why I took photos of just these. They weren’t even the best! Maybe I’ll run across some more later 😦

However they aren’t bad for a first time chalker eh?


Go Warhawks! (University of Louisiana at Monroe)


Halloween. Love me some Tim Burton


The bar was at a country club so I did a LOT of golf stuff.


We LOVE our LSU!!! Football was a big deal there.


Thanksgiving. Turkey caricatures of 2 regulars.


Christmas. That Dirty Santa party was a BLAST!


Winter Time!!! The word “cold” was switched to “hot” several times as the state of Louisiana could not make up its mind.

That’s all I have. Thinking maybe I could use these to con other businesses into letting me do there chalk boards… I miss it. Think I’ll just invest in a chalk wall in my house.


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No-Sew Bikini!!! Busty Girls can Wear too!

So, the only no-sew bikinis I can find are strapless tube top type. Let’s be honest, only the extremely flat chested can pull that one off. Therefore, I, accidentally, found a way to make one for big girls. This can be worn by small, average, and busty ladies and can be altered several different ways. I will show you 2 here. I even included a bottoms tutorial!

Here’s 2 of the outcomes to this tutorial.

PicMonkey Collage

The Fringe is optional as is the collar. Collar kinda of adds that retro flair tho, I believe. Now, for the how-to!


Supplies: 2 L or XL T-shirts, 2 Hair ties or rubber bands (not necessary for a smaller bust), 1 pair of scissors.


Step 1 (TOP): Cut arms, neck, bottom hem, and down side. you can’t see here but I cut from the arm pit down to the hem. (be sure to keep scraps)


 Move Scraps. Shirt should now look like this when opened up.


Step 2 (TOP): These will be your tie straps for your neck and waist so need to be no more than 2 inches thick. If they are too thick cut all the way across your rectangle shaped fabric to thin them out.


Step 3 (TOP): Specify your top from your bottom. Doesn’t matter which way you do it just specify them. Cut straps center with hole in center and tie together. Do not knot as you will need to be able to untie and retie when taking on and off.


Step 4 (TOP): Starting from bottom corner cut up toward neck, leaving about 6 inches from center top. Taking out a big triangle.  (sorry for blurry photo upload)


Place arms through large center hole with the TOP behind your neck and the BOTTOM under your arms behind you back. It should look similar to picture above

(((TIP: If you have any natural saggage in your twins put on a bra for this next part. This works with any swimsuit. Put on a bra first then swimsuit. Then remove bra from underneath swimsuit to avoid that crazy “cant get your girls right” experience.)))



Step 5 (TOP) (Less busty): Roll fabric on neckline under and twist tightly.

If you are smaller busted this can be your final step. After twisting both sides tie them and it should look like photo below (minus the black bra)


Without Collar


With Collar.

To get collar simply unroll neckline fabric AFTER rolling and tying. Always roll completely under when tying to ensure maximum coverage.

Finished top for smaller bust. For larger bust continue to Step 5 (busty) below.


Step 5 (TOP) (Busty): Twist neckline under and twist bottom. Secure with elastic to ensure the movement and pressure from those bad boys doesn’t untwist the fabric and you come spilling out in a tidal wave of pure boob awesomeness.


Step 7 (TOP) (Busty): Now here it gets a little tricky. Because of the elastic ties, simply tying the ends together will cause it to look bulky. So here I took a piece of my scrap fabric, ran each end thru the elastic ties, then tied together in a very tight knotted bow…. Oh, and you can now release the Cracken….. (remove bra)

To get the fringe look just cut the excess fabric into strips. Pull each strip. The T-shirt material will roll up on itself when stretched.

You can now unroll upper inner neck to make the collared look if you choose to or leave them tucked.


For this type of finish. Tie elastics together with scrap fabric, wrap fabric around center, tuck ends underneath boob. This will not only hide the ends completely but will give your girls a little boost from underneath. The gathers in the fabric will totally camouflage the tucked ends also.

(((TIP: If you plan to swim or get wet in this top I suggest adding an extra layer of protection. Such as, Nipple Pasties, Bra liner out of an old bra or swimsuit liner from another swimsuit. You know, they put them in those little pockets on the back of your swimsuit tit and they always get twisted in the washer. This top has that heavy vinyl type printing on it so is good on its on. apply this tip to a plain or thin T-shirt)))




Step 1 (BOTTOMS): Take your second shirt. cut completely up sides, across hem, and cut off neckline. Leaving 2 big pieces of square fabric.


Step 2 (BOTTOMS): Split into 2 separate squares put one to the side. If you can not free hand the hourglass crotch shape, I suggest taking a pair of old panties (that word is so weird to me), cut the sides of said panties and lay out like shown. ((Yes, those are my fancy Granny Panties))  Outline just the hourglass inner thigh shape. Don’t worry about top and sides where you cut.

(((TIP: Use the extra square of fabric to make a slightly smaller version of these bottom, using same directions. If your planning to actually swim in swimsuit you’ll want double the layer to keep your camel toe under wraps. You don’t want your camel toe to become a moose knuckle. Wear the smaller version beneath version we are making here by tying together on sides… you’ll see what I mean…. Keep reading.)))


Step 3 (BOTTOMS): Cut out hourglass shape but extend all the way to edge of fabric. Front and back ‘waist’ band (far left and far right) should be about 3″ wide. If you got a lot of excess cut completely across. You can see where I trimmed both front and back of mine.


Step 4 (BOTTOMS): Cut split in both sides of ‘FRONT’. Cut a hole into both sides of ‘BACK’. Be sure to do this to BOTH sides.


Step 5 (BOTTOMS): Here it gets hard. Your going to feel like you putting on a grownup diaper. Easiest way to do this is just to sit on it… yeah yeah yeah, I know. That’s what she said… Sit on bottoms diaper style. Bring your slitted front (this just keeps getting dirtier).. bring slitted front pieces thru hole from back piece. Loop around hole and tie. This photo doesn’t really show you exactly how, but the point is to use the hole to tie the slit pieced together so your bottoms stay on! Do this on each side and SHOULD look as follows.bottoms

If your bottoms are too loose this is an easy fix. On the pieces where you cut a ‘hole’ and a ‘split’ shorten them. the shorter you make these pieces the smaller around your suit will be.


20130426_135405 D0F26204-orig_zps27ca7f0a

Any questions or suggestions feel free to comment!

Yes, I have swam in T-shirt swimsuit. Wet fabric won’t rip, your safe

Yes, those are my real boobs. Before you get mad… don’t be, because I have the ass of a 2nd grader. 😦

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Tiffany in Wonderland

Tiffany in Wonderland

Did nothing of interest this week to post so here is a drawing. All I accomplished all week. A nod to my friend Tiffany, obsessed with Alice in Wonderland. That’s about it peeps.

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Magazine Deer Head

So I’ve tried to find the original poster of the How-To photo. If you know please let me know so I can give them there due props.

Ok got hit with a whim of free time and a big cardboard box. Who doesn’t like cardboard boxes? They’re not just for kids! Anyhoot, I browsed my Pinterest boards and found the perfect project. It only took my large box, a box cutter, scissors, modge podge (watered down Elmer’s works too for this one), and one of the circa 1980’s Playboy magazines my husband keeps stored in the closet. This is what I ended up with.


I’ve included the step-by-step photo instructions, but like I said, I can’t find the actual original post. Link is below to photo how-to.

I have 3 tips though.

1. Cut the design out completely before applying magazine strips.

2. Let dry completely before trimming the excess paper off.

3. easiest way to trim excess paper after dry was to flip upside down and follow the edges of cardboard with box cutter.

Yall enjoy!!!


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Twirl the Squirrel

PicMonkey Collage2

So, I have been asking for a kitten for our 2 year old for about a month now. No luck in finding one however. I remember people giving away kittens in every parking lot, filling the classified, and dumping them at houses such as my own. Most likely we were a drop-off for unwanted animals because we had a house of 6 kids and Mom couldn’t say “no” to 6 of us when we brought a stray in.

However, after asking for a kitten from my husband he instead, in true redneck fashion, find us this. Twirl the Squirrel.”Twirl” because that’s what Paxton the 2 year old has begun to call it and he’s boss.

So having a 3 month old handfed squirrel wind up in our home we started our research. House/living area was on top of the list and I learned she could free roam most of the time and this was it; my chance to incorporate woods (enchanted fairy type shit) into my decorum. So to the pet store we went and purchased a plain ugly parrot house and after a trip to hobby lobby my husband added the porch that every Squirrel needs right?


He promises me a shingles roof and window frames will come later. That will make it look like a real fairy, I mean.. um… Squirrel house. So I whipped out the paint for a temporary paint job until I have the completed house to my likings. For now just something she can sleep in and matches my livingroom.


After a night of this sitting on our computer desk my husband had the day off and got creative or bored one, either way he got to hustling and thinking. Off to the backyard we went and what followed I’m loving!


Doesn’t look like much here but it makes an impact in my living room. Broke my real camera now only have phone camera 😦 I gave Jerry fair warning it will get “fairied” out, be prepared. I couldn’t convince him to put another tree in my other corner but I’ll get it. May even throw a few branches coming out the other walls. Love when the outdoors come in! Oh, and Twirl LOVES her new home and we LOVE Twirl!

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Best Stick Family EVER!

Best Stick Family EVER!.

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Best Stick Family EVER!

I see so many stick figure families and everyone tries to individualize them the best they can. Let be honest, they all suck. Nothing makes me want birth control more than a minivan covered in stick people.

My husband and I decided we wanted some sort of sticker to acknowledge our large family. We wanted to put it on his truck though, its big, mean, and not where you would expect a stick figure family at all.

So we brainstormed and it hit him. His family is badass and his sticker would be too. So I designed up an original design and consulted our acquaintance who owns a embroidery/decal/printing shop. She said it wasn’t something they do normally but being the friendly people they are they did it for us anyway (they thought it was too funny not to) and this is what we came up with.


He gets so many points, laughs, and people taking pictures at red lights, I knew I had to share with y’all. People always ask where he got it and I think he gets a sense of accomplishment by saying “My wife and I designed it.”



So if you have a unique design you cant put to paper, hit me up. Maybe I can help 🙂

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