Watercolor Eyeliner! Better than the real thing!


I’m feeling Spring-y this week. So what better way to celebrate than with some color! I have art supplies coming out my ears. A few years ago I was out of eyeliner and had a brilliant idea hit me, WATER COLOR PENCILS!


For the price of ONE eyeliner pencil you can buy an entire box of colors from and art store and even Wal-Mart! (Wolly-Wolly-Wolly-Wolly World!!!)

The Color is more vivid and it really glides right onto your eye. However, it is watercolor so it is NOT water resistant but super easy to clean off in the incident of mistakes; just use a wet Q-tip!

For this look I just did some bright springy eye shadow in pinks and purples (purple makes green eyes pop). Then grabbed my Pastel green and True Blue Water color sticks. A 12 pack of these bad boys was like $6.00.


If your using 2 colors always start with your darker color first on the out side of the eye. Simply wet the end, shake the excess and apply. (you may have to rewet a few times to keep it going on smoothly.) Then using your lighter color start from the inner and it will blend into the darker color. Voila! that’s it!


But get Creative! I actually use to color in my husband’s huge dragon tattoo with my watercolors, much like a human coloring page. It’s even great for age appropriate kids to do totally washable tattoos. Just be sure to dull down the edges to avoid a kid like mine stabbing you relentlessly for shits and giggles.

Great for Halloween or just spicing up your go-out-go-to makeup routine. Either way, totally worth the $6 investment!


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